Tournament Mission Statement
The Tri-State Tournament mission is to provide participants with a competitive, yet enjoyable, fishing tournament. The tournament will be focused around good sportsmanship and conservation. The tournament committee vows to hold a classy, well-run tournament.

Tournament Datesand Hours
June 30th–July 7th, 2018, A Captains meeting willbe held on Friday Night June 29th2018and an Awards party will be held on Sunday July 8th. Boatshave the option of picking two consecutive days staying overnightor two separate day trips.Overnighttrips may not exceed 36hours and Day trips my not exceed 14 hours. Boats are not permitted to leave the check-in point prior to 5:30am on any fishing day (Overnight or Day Trip). NEW FOR 2018!!Two weigh in points: The Dock in Waterford and Westbrook Marine Center. All boats wishing to weigh fish must be inside the Niantic River Bridgeor the Patchogue River prior to 7pm on a day trip or 5pm on an overnight. (If a boat is locked outside the bridge due to a bridge closure the boat must contact the Tournament Committee via cell phone or Tournament Channel(VHFCh.69) for exception. Boats fishing overnights may weight a fish on the first day and return to the fishing grounds immediately following the weigh-in. Scales close at 7pm on all days.All fish must be at the scales prior to 7pm any on a day trip or 5pm on thesecond day of anovernight or will not qualify.

Captain’s Meeting:
All boats are required to have a representative present at the Captains meeting or must sign that they acknowledge responsibility for any rules changes or clarifications made at the Captains meeting. The captain’s meeting will be help at 6:30 pm on Friday June 29th,at theDock Restaurant (9 First Street Waterford, CT) Allforms must be completed and submitted prior to the conclusion of the captain’s meeting. At this meeting, participants will be informed of the tournament procedures, enter Calcutta’s, and receivetheir captain’s bags, t-shirts, and rules. This will also be the opportunity for participants to raise questions regarding tournament procedures.

Dockageand Check-in point
Boats are permitted to leave from any Marina, one of two check in points Check-in Point #1Montauk point showing Montauk light, Check-in Point #2Block Island windfarm towers (any tower). Fog Safety option: In the event of thick fog for the safety of the vessels a picture on the GPS with the check-in card showing the proximity to the check-in point will be accepted. GPS units must show the vessel and the vessels position.Check in will be done via text message. Boats are required to have a designated phone for the check-in purposes and that phone must be operationaland capable of the check in procedurefor check-in as well as weigh-in. Any boat with weighing a fish without the designated phone operational and containing the required tournament information for check-in and weigh-in will have their fishdisqualified. Check-in will consist of:1) An initial text to the Tournament committee announcing your departure.Textsmust be from Check-in point.2) Areturn text from the committee containing an authorization code. 3) A textfrom the Tournament boat back to the committee containing a picture of the code on the boat# Card with choice of check-in point in the background. 4) Aconfirmation text from committee sending you off. All texts must be present at the time of weigh-in.5) Upon returning the Tournament committee must be notified at least 30min prior to your arrival at the Nianticor PatchogueRiversvia text or voice to the committee cell#. Cell #’s will be given at the Captains meeting on June 30th.

All boats must have the ability to fish without any outside help.

Tackle Specification

  1. The Tri-State Tournament will follow International Game Fish Association Rules and additional rules specified herein.
  2. 130 lb line class is the maximum allowed in this tournament.
  3. Any member of the tournament committee reserves the right to inspect tackle at their discretion.
  4. Leaders are to be no longer than 40 ft. in total. This 40 ft. shall include any double line, wind-on, or any other type of leader.
  5. Line tests may be required at Judge’s discretion.
  6. Harpoons will be allowed to dart a fish brought to boat side by rod and reel. The harpooning of a free swimming fish is strictly prohibited.

Fishing Regulations

  1. All fish must adhere to the state and federal regulations to qualify for this tournament.
  2. The fishing territory is limited to a 135 nautical mile radius from Race Rock Light.
  3. The angler must hook, fight, and bring the fish to the gaff or tag stick unaided by any other person (excluding gaff and leader man).
  4. This is a rod and reel, hook and line tournament. The use of hand lines, rope, nets, harpoons, and other means of fish capture other than rod and reel are strictly prohibited.
  5. Fish must be hooked, fought, and landed or tagged from the same boat.
  6. No mutilated fish will be eligible for competition.
  7. There shall be no use of aircraft of any kind for spotting or baiting fish.
  8. There shall be no use of outside assistance for landing or acquiring fish.
  9. No push poles shall be allowed.
  10. The use of mammal blood or flesh of any type is prohibited.
  11. The use of any bang sticks or guns is prohibited in this Tournament

Minimum Lengths and Weights

  1. Fish not meeting the minimum lengths set by the tournament will not be weighed or acknowledged by the tournament.
  2. Conservation is of the utmost importance to the Tri-State Tournaments and its sponsors
  3. Minimum lengths and weights for all sharks will be strictly enforced.
  4. Minimum lengths are all measured in fork length, not overall length.
    • Blue Shark Minimum Length –106”
    • Porbeagle/Mako Sharks –83 in.
    • Thresher Sharks –150 lbs.

General Tournament Conduct

  1. The official clock of the tournament will be kept on continuous GPS time.
  2. All fish must be hooked during designated fishing hours.
  3. Boats are to respect fellow competitors at all times. Reasonable distance should be kept from all boats fighting fish. If requested by a boat fighting a fish, other boats shall keep clear until the fight has concluded.
  4. Tackle inspection may be required at the time of weigh-in.
  5. Official radio announcements will be made over channel 69.
  6. All boats entering or leaving the harbor should adhere to the “NO WAKE” speed limit.
  7. The Tri-State Tournaments, LLCresumes no responsibility for the conductor safety or any boats or entrants. All participants enter the tournament at their own risk.
  8. All participants and their crews, friends, and family shall be respectful of the tournament hosts; sponsors and committee members.
  9. Any participant whose action causes the Tri-State Tournament’s officers, directors, sponsors, employees, or participants to incur expenses shall be held responsible and shall be responsible to reimburse said persons or entities for financial damages.
  10. All boats are responsible for making decisions regarding weather, and do so at their own risk.
  11. If the tournament is cancelled due to any circumstances, or in the instance that no qualifying fish are caught, prize money will be raffled accordingly.
  12. Boats must be inside the Niantic River train bridge by thehours designated above at theendof their fishing day.If a boat cannot enter because of a bridge closure it is the responsibility of the participant to contact the tournament committee on VHF Ch69 or via cell phone for exception.
  13. Moves throughout the day should be accomplished with care for other’s slicks.


  1. All tournament boats must weigh fish in at the official weigh stations(The Dock Restaurant dock, The Niantic River,Waterford, CTand Westbrook Marine Center, The Patchogue River, Westbrook, CT).
  2. Any and all protests must be filed in writing with the judges by 9am, the morning following the incident, except on the last day, when the protest must be filed within 1 hour after the conclusion of the weigh-in on the last day of the tournament.Protests that are hearsay will not be accepted without a written statement from the witnessing party. Said witness must also be a registered tournament angler. All protested crew members as well as protesting crew members may be subject to polygraph testing by Tri-State Tournaments polygraph contractor (Truth Detection Labs). Prize money may be withheld pending the outcome of any protest.
  3. After the weigh master releases the fish, its disposal is to meet the guidelines reviewed at the Captain’s Meeting.
  4. If anyone wants to have a fish re-weighed, it must be done while the fish is still hanging. After the fish has been removed from the weigh station, the weight stands.
  5. If a dart cannot be removed from a fish without causing mutilation the weighmaster will weigh the fish with the dart and an avg. dart weight of 5oz will be deducted from the weight of the fish.
  6. No mutilated fish shall be eligible for competition. Mutilation shall be defined as damage which would impair the fighting ability of the fish.
  7. The weigh master reserves the right to retain any fish that is deemed questionable. If retention is refused, the fish is automatically disqualified.
  8. The weigh master and the committee reserve the right to cut open any fish for inspection of any suspected weight altering. Insertion of weights, ice, water, etc., is not permitted.
  9. All anglers and crew aboard winning boats may be subject to a polygraphtest. Prize money may not be awarded until the completion of the polygraph test based on the tournament directors’ decision.


  1. Any and all protests must be filed in writing and signed by the protestor; with the judges by 9am, the morning following the incident, except on the last day when protest must be filed within 1 hour after the conclusion of the weigh-in.
  2. Protests will only be accepted that pertain to boats that have competing fish.
  3. Protests must include the protesting boat, the boat being protested, details of the event including time and location the protested event took place.
  4. Protests must be brought on specific rule violations and not personal beliefs and will be vetted based on current rules in place.
  5. Hearsay protests will not be accepted with out written statement from the witnessing party. Witnessing parties must be an entered boat or angler in the current years Tri-State Canyon Shootout.
  6. Members of the protesting boat, protested boat, and any witnesses providing statements may be subject to a polygraph test to determine the validity of the claims put forth.
  7. Prize money may be withheld up to 48hours to allow for all information to be collected regarding protested events.
  8. All decisions of the Tournament Directors are final.


  1. All releases must be filled out on a release card.
  2. Scientific tagging cards will be accepted as well as tournament release cards to document releases.
  3. All releases must meet IGFA regulations to count as a release.
  4. Release cards must be presented to the Tournament Committee at weigh in or at J&B before Sunday July 9th.


  1. Prize money checks will be made payable to theperson indicated on the entry forms.
  2. All prizes will be awarded to winning boats, not individual anglers.
  3. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be divided equally between the winning boats.
  4. All Calcutta’s are a 98% payout. All Tournament winnings are subject to 1099 Reporting.

By paying the entry fee, my crew and I acknowledge that we have read the rules and regulations and are bound by the same.

Any breach of the above tournament rules will result in disqualification, except as previously stated. Decisions of theTournament Committee are final.